NET News aims to offer another avenue that connects Ex Forces Job Seekers to their predecessors.


“Got Net News today in the Inbox, very impressed thank you. A lot more use than the usual list of training programs. Really when you leave all you need is a steer – what sectors are good, who are the key players and who have the ex-forces programmes, that’s exactly what you did and I am a big fan! I have forwarded it on to all my ex-forces conections in the UK” 
Harvey Graham-Green, MBA  4th June 2016

“This is really useful, thank you. I am in Kabul at the moment.”
Roger M,  October 2016

“what a great publication, I may say it will be invaluble to Service leavers”
Paul Raby, Washington DC. Jan 2018

Inputs to NET News

The success of NET News is entirely dependants on inputs from like-minded people be they Ex-Forces or companies, organisations or individuals who understand the value of those who have served in the UK Armed Forces. There are two categories of input:


Space dictates that any article should not exceed 750 words.

Centre Page Spread

The Centre Pages are the kernel of the product and need to be rotated in order to maintain interest by covering as many functional areas as possible that may be of interest to Service Leavers’ second career choices. Inputs should not exceed 10 lines.


Both articles and Centre Pages should ideally be accompanied by a Company Logo. It is requested that all logos are submitted as a high resolution attachment to an E-Mail.


It is requested that all submissions are made to

Advertising & Sponsorship


For as long as space allows any Services-related charity may have their Logo displayed on Page 4 of NET News free of charge.


Advertisment size is limited to 1/8th of a page and each Edition will contain no more than two advertisments. Prices are:

  • Single Edition      £50
  • Two Editions       £90
  • Twelve Editions  £450

Edition Sponsorship

The cost of sponsoring an Edition is £250 for which Page 1 will be dedicated to the sponsor less the permanent elements of The Liquid List and the Editorial and one 1/8th of a page advertisement. The sponsor will also be recognised in the Editorial.

Contact the NET News editor

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