The New World Order Of Jobs.

The New World Order Of Jobs

For some years many people in the world of work or entering it have twigged to the truth that the opportunities for a full career in a single sector have diminished.  So, many now talk of a ‘job’ rather than a ‘career’ and accept that a working life may require continuous re-skilling/training.  It seems inevitable that COVID-19 will stimulate that trend.

Many, if not most, Serviceman and Servicewoman occupied an unusual position in the jobs market when they join the so called: Real World.  Although most Service leavers of today are pretty savvy about that market, it is inevitable that they lack a bedded-down network of in-business contacts.  Any amount of theoretical research rarely compensates wholly for the lack of advice from such a network and many very often discover that although they have secured a job it is often in the wrong company (an incompatible ethos) and/or the wrong level (they have undersold themselves).  Therefore the wise Service person soon accepts that not only is there no such nirvana as a ‘job for life’ but, more importantly, that they probably do not want such a job anyway – after all they are able and ambitious..

A Portfolio Career presents an obvious and rewarding escape route from these dilemmas.  Such a career not only offers a high level of independence but also the opportunity to step off the commuting treadmill.  To exploit these advantages and assist talented Service folk reach their full potential Ben Legg (Late Royal Engineers) has, with the support of a wide range of experienced in-business Founder Members, created the Portfolio Collective.

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