From Nursing to National Parks via Rutland.

Some recent failed attempts to get my outrageous views published in the MSM are offered below:

The Name Game

Your Editorial rightly states that Nurses have better things to do than read a 26 page Guide on how to refer to people. A better solution might be for nurses simply to say: “How do you wish to be called”?
Rubbing Noses

You report that fervent Remainers are complaining about Brexit celebrations, arguing that the 50 pence coin “rubs our noses” in the Referendum defeat. It seems to many that the celebrations are rather low key in contrast to the actions taken on our accession to the Common Market in 1973; commemorative acts for that event included: A grand firework display over the River Thames; a fanfare for Europe ballet gala, attended by her Majesty The Queen; and the issuing of a range of stamps by the Post Office. Remainers are either in denial or have a short memories.

Ruining Rutland & Elsewhere

There is hardly a village in England that has not been required to accept housing developments, with those villages unfortunate enough to be located near an aerodrome being particularly vulnerable; so, many will empathise with the concerns expressed about the concreting over of Rutland. The beautiful Dunsfold aerodrome, contiguous with an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) and in full view of the Surrey Hills, is to accept some 7000 houses before 2032. Like the Rutland development the requisitioned land for Dunsfold was contracted to return to agricultural use after the War but that turned out to be a hollow promise. This ‘Crawleyisation’ of the dwindling countryside, like most other developments it would seem, has not attracted any appropriate infrastructure. Planting trees and feeding the nation are clearly minor considerations; politicians favour talking about the number of houses built while keeping very quiet about practical attendant considerations.

Stephen Ward

The latest Episode of the BBC TV drama The Trial of Christine Keeler not only reveals the disgraceful behaviour of the Establishment but also touched on Dr Ward’s abilities as both an Osteopath and an artist. As a regular patient of Dr Ward my father claimed that during thirty years of pain only he offered genuine relief. As for Dr Ward’s artistic talents, it is my understanding that Sir Anthony Blunt, Surveyor of the Queen’s Pictures, was deputed to go to the West End gallery to purchase all the drawings of members of the Royal Family. How ironic that a Soviet Union spy should be given such a task when, as part of its case, the Establishment contended that Dr Ward had threatened national security by introducing Soviet Naval Attaché Yevgeny Ivanov to his milieu. The cruel treatment of Stephen Ward reflects badly on the Establishment.

National Parks

What is likely to be the long term impact of throwing tarmac at natural pathways in a National Park as a means of attracting the young and ethnic minorities to the area? Nobody knows but I would hazard a guess that the intrinsic appeal of the Park will be lost forever. Does it not occur to the social engineering geniuses that the young, of whatever colour or creed, tend to prefer the bright lights? However, with the passing of the years the young apparently become older and then seemingly prefer a soupçon of peace and quiet……but wait that will not be an option since the natural habitat has been covered with tarmac.