City Naval Club (CNC).

City Naval Club (CNC)

BRNC 1928

The City Naval Club welcomes serving and retired naval officers from Warrant Officers to Chiefs of the Defence Staff.  We hold three lunches a year under Chatham House rules to connect people working in London with the Royal Navy.  There is no membership fee, just an obligation to occasionally come to a lunch which we hold three times a year.  Generally our stimulating and informative speakers help attract 80 to 120 people, and these are the primary means of connecting members allowing us to:

  • Link serving members of the Royal Navy with those working in the City and other opinion formers in London.
  • Provide a means for those leaving the Service to meet and seek advice from those already outside.
  • Maintain a network of like-minded individuals in a wide range of careers in and around London.
  • Enable members to maintain contact with the Service and with former colleagues.

HMS Carlisle

Our speaker list for the 2020 starts with Admiral Tony Radakin (First Sea Lord) on Monday 3rd February at HQS Wellington, followed by Penny Mordaunt MP (ex-SoS for Defence) who joins us on Monday 1 June.  We then have Vice Admiral Nick Hine (Second Sea Lord) on Monday 12th October.

If any ex-Royal Navy or ex-Royal Marine Officer would like to join please contact the Membership Secretary, Cdr Peter Gracey:, or the Chairman, Jamie Black:


HMS Hood:  On trials in the Clyde