Some Wise Words on Networking.

Abbie Pierce (Royal Navy) is a Freelance Success Coach specialising in 1:1 coaching to support and empower individuals through the process of change. Of equal importance however, she is a regular attendee at the Liquid List (London) and has a firm grasp on the how to network and its value. Her bullet points from the last Liquid List meeting are:

“Every time I attend I learn something new or make a connection. I think some people attend with expectation that a one off visit will get them the magical connection they so urgently seek. And that just ain’t so….Networking is hard and requires consistency.”

Who can argue with that? Not me. Networking is analogous to crossing a stream by stepping stones. That crossing may involve one stone or it may take a hundred but get across you will.  The trick however is to keep those stones in place because you may need to return; after all nobody has a job for life (most Service folk don’t want that anyway since they have ambition with a desire to move onwards and upwards). So networking is a full life commitment which gives me an excuse to offer the only piece of Latin I know: Per manendo vincimus (through perseverance we conquer).

Abbie also made this point: “…..I have a charity golf day, that came about from speaking to someone at my first Liquid List meeting. “. So the message of that is Networking is not only fun but it also brings with it social benefits.

The above offers a small insight into the wisdom that Abbie has to offer and there is much more on offer through her writings at

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