Well Behaved Children.

With a general distaste for being collocated with other people’s progeny (especially in the pub) it was an immediate disappointment to see three children, accompanied by their mother, take the seats beside me on the train today – 3 August 2018.  My mood changed however, when one of the children, all of six years of age, said: “Oh goodie mummy this carriage is a quiet zone”.  With that, the said girl and her two siblings, settled down to read a book; hardly a word passed their lips from her pronouncement at Waterloo until they prepared to disembark at Guildford.  Such behaviour spawned such a feeling of guilt that I might disturb their tranquillity, I surreptitiously turned my mobile phone off.

As for the concept of leadership by example, the mother may not have entirely fitted that ambitious bill.  First, she dumped all her considerable belongs on the seat opposite me which I regarded as space invasion.  Second, while preparing for disembarkation, her mobile phone rang (not softly) and she proceeded to conduct a conversation in the alleged Quiet Zone carriage.  Third, while still on her phone she proceeded vigorously to comb the long hair of the said girl in the aisle directly above me.

So, in scoring terms:

Mum Nil

Children 10 out of 10

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